P.B Shelly থেকে প্রশ্ন বরাবরই আসে

Percy Bysshe Shelly(1795-1821) কে যারা English Literature এর female writer মনে করেন তারা কিন্তু ভুলই করছেন। P.B Shelly হচ্ছে English Literature এর Romantic Period এর Male writer. উনার wife এর নাম Marry Shelley যিনি ও একজন writer ছিলেন।Marry Shelley এর আলোচিত writing হচ্ছে ‘Frankenstein’.
P.B Shelley কে বলা হয় Revolutionary poet/Poet of Hope and Regeneration.

Notable writings of P.B Shelley those we have to know for all competitive exam are pointed out below:-
2)Ode to the west wind
3)Prometheus Unbound
4)A Defence of Poetry
5)Adonis (an elegy that is written in the death of Jhon Keats,poet of beauty
6)The Cloud
7)The Revolt of Islam
9)The necessity of Atheism
10)The mosque of Anarchy
11)When Soft Voices Die
12)To a Skylark

Some Quotation of P.B Shelly those also have to know are given below:-
1.Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought (source:To a Skylark)
2.If winter comes,can spring be far behind? (source: Ode to the West Wind)
3.Poets are the unacknowledged legislator of the world. (source:A defence of poetry world)
4.I am daughter of Earth and Water,And the nursing of the sky.(source:The Cloud)
5.Oh,lift me as a wave,a leaf,a cloud,I fat upon throns of life! I bleed.(source:Ode to the West Wind)

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