18th NTRCA Circular 2023 with PDF

The 18th NTRCA circular 2023 has been published on their official website.  Follow the notice board of ntrca.teletalk.com.bd to get the 18th NTRCA circular 2023. NTRCA is a short-term or abbreviation of Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority.  NTRCA is a government organization for selecting teachers, employers and demonstrator of non government school, college, madrasha and vocational school of Bangladesh. Let’s describe about 18th NTRCA circular 2023.

All About 18th NTRCA Circular 2023

NTRCA Recruitment Process

Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority collect all teacher requirements information from all teachers, demonstrators, and employers of non-government colleges, schools, madrasha, and vocational schools of Bangladesh. All institutes submit their employer’s requirements to NTRCA to start the recruitment process. Then NTRCA publishes a circular against their employer’s requirements. After publishing circular, candidates are submit his/her application using online procedure within a deadline. You may also get NTRCA gono biggopti on our website up to date.

In that deadline, they arrange a examination in three (3) steps according to NTRCA exam date. First step is preliminary examination in 100 marks by one (1) hour. The second step is a written examination of 100 marks in three (3) hours. The third step is viva voice in 20 marks. After all, authority select candidates list for final application. Here’s are Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-200.

NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2020

Then, Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority post a circular for submitting application and choice school, college, madrasha and vocation school. This circular is called NTRCA gono biggopti. All candidates submit their application as per their choice. Mention that, candidates need to pay an amount ( Tk 180) for each choice. Then, NTRCA will post the final list for joining according to their result (height result).

NTRCA Exam Systems

Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority will take three (3) steps examination for selecting candidates for non government institute like, school, college & madrasha. Let’s explain all the steps bellow.

  1. In first step, NTRCA arrange a preliminary examination in 100 marks by one (1) hour. This examination will held by 100 MCQ. Each right answer is for 1 mark and deduct 0.5 marks for each wrong answer from gained number.
  2. In second step, 100 marks written examination will be held in optional subject by three (3) hours. Only preliminary passed candidates can attend this examination.
  3. Similarly third step, NTRCA will arrange a viva voice in 20 marks.

NTRCA Marks Distribution

Marks distribution of NTRCA is given bellow for all new candidates and examine of 17th NTRCA circular 2020. In the preliminary examination, a 100-mark exam will be held in a compulsory subject. A compulsory subject has four (4) parts, like Bangla, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Let’s follow the NTRCA marks distribution for the 18th NTRCA circular 2023.

18Th Ntrca Circular 2023 With Pdf 1

Subject Marks
Bangla 25
English 25
Mathematics 25
General Knowledge 25
Total Marks = 100

NTRCA Syllabus for School Level

Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority will arrange an examination according to a syllabus. NTRCA school-level syllabus is written below for newly attended examine or candidates. Follow bellows syllabus and take NTRCA preparation online using our website. Let’s see all NTRCA syllabus for 18th NTRCA examination.

Ntrca Syllabus For School Level

Just click download PDF file images to download the full school-level syllabus.

Pdf Download

NTRCA Syllabus for School 2 Level

Therefore, School 2 level is for junior moulovi, junior teacher, quari and trade instructor post. Junior Moulovi, qari, and Junior teacher posts are for Eftedai Madrasha. The trade instructor post is for vocational school schools. NTRCA school 2 level syllabus is bellowed school 2 candidates. Follow bellows syllabus for attend school 2 level examination for 18th NTRCA circular 2023. You may also get NTRCA merit list on our website up to date.

Ntrca Syllabus For School 2 Level

Please click download PDF file images to view full syllabus.

Pdf Download

NTRCA Syllabus for College-Level

In other words, the College level is for all college, madrasha, business management institute, and agriculture diploma posts. Lecturer and Trade instructor is post is included this syllabus. NTRCA college level syllabus is given bellow for all college level candidates for 18th NTRCA circular 2023. You may also get NTRCA Recommendation Letter on our website up to date.

Ntrca Syllabus For College Level

Let’s follow bellows syllabus below by clicking download PDF file images.

Pdf Download

When 17th NTRCA Circular Publish?

The 18th NTRCA Circular 2023 was published on 23 January 2020. This is a notice from the NTRCA website. The circular publishing date has been fixed by the authority. Just follow their notice board and our website for getting update about 17th NTRCA circular publish. We will update as soon as possible after publishing by NTRCA.

18th NTRCA Circular 2023

However, Here is 18th NTRCA circular 2023 with PDF file download option. Bellowed most provability information of circular details:

Application Start Date: 23 January, 2020
Online Application Deadline: 12 Februry, 2020
Application Fee: 350 Taka
Preliminarily Exam Date: 15 May, 2020
Application Link: ntrca.teletalk.com.bd

17Th Ntrca Circular 2020

Download the 18th NTRCA Circular PDF File

For instance, Here is available PDF file for downloading from online. All candidates can download 18th NTRCA circular PDF file. If you have an internet connection then you can download NTRCA circular by yourself from your computer or android phone. Below is the PDF download link. Let’s download it.

Pdf Download

17th NTRCA Exam Date and Time

This exam date and time is provability date and time according to previous NTRCA exam date. We will update real date and time as soon as possible after publishing by the authority. Bellowed are both exam dates (provability) preliminary, written, and viva.

Preliminary Exam: 15 May, 2020
Written Exam(School): 07 August, 2020

Written Exam(College): 08 August, 2020
Viva Voice: Not mentioned.

How to Apply NTRCA Online?

If you don’t know? How to apply NTRCA online? No problem, we will help you. How you can apply NTRCA online using a computer or laptop from your home. Let’s talk, about how to apply NTRCA online. The eligible candidates should apply through the internet, Click “Apply Online” and fill up your all educational and personal information with a valid picture & signature according to NTRCA validation. Then press submit button and make payment with Teletalk mobile. Let’s follow all steps of NTRCA application online for 17th NTRCA circular 2020.

  1. Go to http://ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/
  2. Fill up your all personal information
  3. Fill up your all educational information
  4. Upload a valid picture (300X300 and 100KB)
  5. Upload valid signature (300X80 and 100KB)
  6. Submit application
  7. Download application file
  8. Make payment with Teletalk mobile

NTRCA Application Fee Payment Method

After that, You can pay your NTRCA application fee using Teletalk mobile. After finishing the online application, you must submit and pay your NTRCA application fee within 72 hours. If you are unable to pay within 72 hours? Your application has been cancelled by the authority and need to apply again to make payment.  Then you need to send SMS using Teletalk mobile. Let’s see, how to send SMS?

1st SMS : NTRCA <space> user ID & send to 16222

Return SMS : You will get a PIN in returning SMS.

2nd SMS : NTRCA <space> Yes <space> PIN & send 16222

When NTRCA confirm your application, Tk 350 will be deducted from your mobile balance.

17th NTRCA Admit Card Download

After submitting all applications or application deadlines, NTRCA posts a notice on their notice board about admit card download. We will update about NTRCA admit card download information in parallel way. You can also download 18th NTRCA admit card from our website.

Download Admit Card

Ntrca Admit Card Download(1)

Just click bellows button for downloading 17th NTRCA admit card.

Download Admit Card

17th NTRCA Result 2020

In addition, 18th NTRCA Result 2023 will be published after completing the preliminary, written, and viva voice step-by-step. The first step will publish 18th NTRCA preliminary result according to NTRCA notice. Approximately, 1 months need to publish NTRCA result. Second step, written result will publish 2/3 months after completing the written examination. Third and final step is viva voice. It depends on NTRCA decision. You can check 17th NTRCA result 2020 by clicking bellows link against 17th NTRCA circular 2020. Follow NTRCA merit list to check your position in the combined national merit list.

Check 16th NTRCA Written Result 2020

16Th Ntrca Preliminary Result

Previous NTRCA Question Solution

We have uploaded all Previous NTRCA question solutions with accurate answer sheets. NTRCA will repeat a number of question from previous question. So follow the previous question before attending any NTRCA examination. Click Here for All NTRCA Question Solutions. 

Ntrca Question Solution

In Conclusion

Above all, If you have questions about 18th NTRCA Circular 2023 with PDF File? Just comment bellow this post or ask using official Facebook group.  We will try to solve your problem within a few minutes. Thanks for visiting our website and connect with us 18th NTRCA circular 2023 keep in touch for next update under best job preparation website Bangladesh.

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