NTRCA Syllabus: Preliminary & Written

NTRCA Syllabus is very important for all NTRCA examine. NTRCA has arranged examination in three (3) steps. Finally publish result after viva voice. Then selected candidate can apply and choice institute for job appointment. I’ll explain about NTRCA Syllabus. Let’s see preliminary and written both syllabus in this article. This is 17th NTRCA syllabus.

NTRCA syllabus are published by non government teachers registration authority. We also upload NTRCA preliminary syllabus and NTRCA written syllabus in our website at for all candidates or examine of NTRCA examination. You can download ntrca syllabus pdf file from our website. You may also get NTRCA gono biggopti on our website up to date.

NTRCA Syllabus Details

NTRCA has arranged three steps examination. There are (1) Preliminary(Compulsory). (2) Written(Optional). (3) Viva voice. So, you should know about both ntrca syllabus for pass the examination. NTRCA syllabus pdf file are available also authority website. I’ve include both preliminary and written syllabus in this post for helping examine. You may also get NTRCA merit list on our website up to date.

NTRCA Preliminary Syllabus

In this step, NTRCA preliminary examination are arranged by NTRCA authority. NTRCA preliminary syllabus are common for all candidates or examine. It’s called compulsory syllabus. In preliminary syllabus total 100 marks for the exam. There 100 MCQ in this exam and need to finish within one (1) hour for this exam. You may also get NTRCA Recommendation Letter on our website up to date.

Ntrca Syllabus For School Level

Preliminary Mark Distribution

In preliminary examination, there are four types question. There are Bangla, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Here I’m writing the NTRCA preliminary mark distribution system.

Subject Marks
Bangla 25
English 25
Mathematics 25
General Knowledge 25
Total Marks = 100

Ntrca Preliminary Mark Distribution

NTRCA Written Syllabus

NTRCA written syllabus are three types. There are (1) NTRCA written syllabus school level. (2) NTRCA written syllabus school level 2 and (3) NTRCA written syllabus college level. NTRCA written syllabus are depend on graduation subject or major subject. Here I’m writing all ntrca syllabus in this post. See bellow details of ntrca syllabus. You may also get NTRCA circular on our website up to date.

NTRCA Written Syllabus School Level

There are two type of syllabus for school level NTRCA examination. General high school, joniour school and madrasha are included school level. In this post I’m explaining about NTRCA written syllabus of school level. Given bellow all subject list of school level. Let’s follow.

Ntrca Syllabus School Level List








To download written syllabus of school level, Just click bellow download button. Here you will get all subject written syllabus of school level.

Download Pdf File

NTRCA Written Syllabus School Level 2

Vocational school, technical school and business management section are under school level 2. In a single words, school level 2 is for technical education teacher. Technical diploma and graduation completed students are eligible for school level 2. If your are technical graduate and you wanna get attend examination of school level 2? Follow bellows syllabus. Here is NTRCA school level 2 subject list.

Ntrca Syllabus School Level 2 List

For downloading written syllabus of school level 2, Click bellow download button images. Here you will get all subject written syllabus of school level 2.  

Download Pdf File

NTRCA Written Syllabus College Level

College level written syllabus are effected for the post lecturer. If you wanna lecturer of any non government college, madrasha and technical educational center? You will be pass the NTRCA college level examination. Bellow I have added all subject written syllabus of college level. Follow the subject list bellow.

Ntrca Written Syllabus College Level List

For downloading written syllabus of college level, Click bellow download button. Here you will get all subject written syllabus of college level.  

Download Pdf File

NTRCA Viva Syllabus

There is not any fix syllabus for NTRCA viva voice. Your question depend on your major subject and general knowledge. But need know all famous information, famous person, famous palce, historical place of your home district. Must follow about liberation war, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. That’s all of your NTRCA viva voice preparation. Follow NTRCA merit list for checking your position in combined national merit list.

Previous NTRCA Question Solution

Previous NTRCA question solution is the most important for NTRCA preliminary examination. You can find the all previous NTRCA question solution in our website.


In conclusion, see our question solution and tell us if got any wrong information. Let us know using comment. We will fix it as soon as possible for best practice.Thanks for visiting our website and stay with us keep in touch for next update under best job preparation website Bangladesh & HSC result 2020.

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