Image Format Conversion: Convert WebP to PNG with These Top Tools

If you have an image stored in Google WebP format and face compatibility issues, then it’s time to convert it into an easy-to-access format like PNG. This conversion job can easily be done with the assistance of a Webp file to a png converter.

For your convenience, we gathered the best webp to png converter that lets you change one or a couple of webp graphics into PNGs. 


This WebP to PNG converter from the legit source of convertio enables conversions from webp file to png without any hassle. Its interface is straightforward and does not ask you to sign up before and after conversion, just follow these steps and turn your existing Google Web Picture to PNG format online:

  • On your browser > open Convertio
  • Upload the webp file as your preference method without any huge hassle
  • Choose the required output format right now, in this case, “PNG”
  • Download a PNG converter file with a single click

The online converter

Changing webp to png is quite simple and efficient with the help of webp to png converter by the online converter. You can make a basis as well as advanced settings for converting Google WebP pictures to png format. No sign-up up required and even no third-party software installation takes place for saving webp files as png images. In addition to that, you can convert the converted PNG raster images into different other formats including svg, pdf, ai, and more formats for free. 

  • Open your web-based browser on any device > theonlineconverter > WebP to PNG converter
  • Start uploading one or more webp files that you want to convert and right after uploading choose the settings icon and start setting them as your preference
  • Click Convert
  • Download the newly turned PNG files with a single go


This webp to png converter is entirely incomplete without Zamzar, a full-fledged desktop solution with easy-to-navigate steps. Get eBook, image, audio, video, and other document converters for free of cost with this solution. 

  • Visit the Zamzar official website from your web browser
  • Navigate to Add Files, and click on it to import the webp file that you wish to change into PNG. It also enables you to pate the online file URL to make the conversion
  • Once your webp image file is fully uploaded, choose for required format i:e PNG from the Convert to drop-down menu
  • Click the Convert button to start webp Google picture to png conversion process


Online-convert is another web-dependent source that simplifies the conversions from Webp file to png. Say goodbye to those hard-to-follow steps, just a couple of clicks let you save webp as png online with a quality preservation feature. 

  • Visit online converter from any installed browser and choose the output format from the Image Convert section
  • From the list choose Convert to PNG and click on the Go button
  • Now, you need to upload the Google Webp file for which you decided to make the conversion
  • Proceed with some advanced parameters as your preference and choose the start conversion button


If you want to process Google WebP pictures to PNG format easily, then Cloudconvert is the best option to proceed with. It also saves both your time and energy by entertaining you with batch file conversion at once. 

  • Access cloudconvert and open the given Select Files drop-down menu. Here you have to choose with the preferred method for uploading your existing Webp image file
  • Choose the PNG as the required output format
  • Navigating with the wrench icon enables the customization for the output PNG image
  • Click Convert and wait for a couple of seconds to fetch the converted PNG file


This online converter permits you to transform your webp file to png image professionally without compromising the resolution of the image. Moreover, converting documents, images, audio, video, and other files is pretty simple with this desktop solution. 

  • Open onlineconvertfree website and navigate to the PNG converter that is provided under the Image section
  • Move further by clicking on the Choose File button for uploading the Webp file or simply a drag and drop on the same toolbox
  • Click Convert and wait till your webp file is ready to download, and then save it with a single go


AnyConv is a freeware utility that lets you change webp files to png without any disruption. With the assistance of this web-based solution, users can transform audio, video, document, image, eBooks, and other formats for free. Experience the best webp to png conversions right now by following these steps:

  • Visit to AnyConv website and make a selection for PNG Converter under the Image interface
  • Choice for the WebP to PNG that is provided in the Convert to PNG section
  • Import Webp from your local storage by clicking on the Choose File button
  • Click Convert and it will take less than a minute to provide the newly converted  PNG image


Finally, you explored the best tools that help you to unfold the question of how to convert webp files to png online. All the webp to png conversion steps offered by these tools are easy to navigate – choose with any one of the given tools and create PNG from existing Webp right now. Good Luck!

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