Top 9 Must-Know Image Text Extractors in 2023

There are certain places where images are highly utilized and somehow you need to extract text
from an image file. Most businesses receive information as an image and they can readily copy
text from a particular image with a perfect image-to-text converter.

In this informative context, we are going to discuss a few best text extraction sources that swiftly
process conversion without any disruption.

Did You Know!

Extracting (fetching) text data from existing images and scanned PDFs or documents is a
challenging task. However, thanks to the automated tools that can make the work easier by
using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. OCR is the full-fledged process that
enables text data extraction while maintaining the formatting; it is a function to turn image text
into digital machine-readable files. You can get this image text extractor by Cardscanner right
now that uses OCR technology and lets you quickly copy text from images.

Text Data Extraction Tools:

Explore these tools one by one for getting text data from the images, keep reading!

OneNote (MS):

No matter whether you have a single or more images for making text data extraction, OneNote
serves you perfectly in this regard. These are the steps that you have to take into account to
copy text from images with one-note app:

  • First, you need to open the OneNote app on your device
  • Very next, just copy the text that loaded in the image by using a one-note
  • Right after that, make right-click on the added image and hit on Copy Text from Picture
  • Now, make a click where you decided to paste the copied text, and then just press the
  • Ctrl + V
  • Finally, copy all the text into a desired text file or other compatible format


I2OCR is referred to as the super-fast and easy-to-navigate OCR-based source that is loaded
with the best version of the image text extractor. Just a couple of steps involved in creating text
from existing image data with this assistance:

  • From the main page, simply select the language of the text for which you want to make
  • Very next, you need to choose the source from where you decided to upload the images.
    There you will get two different options: PC or URL link
  • To commence the image-to-text conversion, simply tick the box for instant verification
    and hit “Extract Text”
  • Once the photo text extraction is done, simply download the extracted text file


OCRspace entertains you with a full-fledged version of an image-to-text converter for free of
cost and does not even involve huge manual intervention. Let’s take a look:

  • Open OCRspace right now and click on the “Choose File” button or you even can
    Paste the URL of an image
  • Very next, make a selection for the language of the file on which you’re going to work
  • Right after that, you have to choose the text extraction mode and click “Start OCR”
  • When the photo-to-text conversion is completed, download the extracted text onto
    your system

Card scanner:

It is a well-known source due to its high quality and free OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
conversions. There you can attain a web-based image-to-text extractor that lets you extract and
copy text from up to 20 images at once.

  • Open the image text extractor by Cardscanner and upload up to 20 or fewer images at
  • Click Convert
  • Copy the extracted text with a single click or download text files in certain formats


It is referred to as a Windows-based OCR program that is packed with Windows Windows-organized OCR
engine that entertains you with Twain scanning functionality. This is one of the super-fast ORC
programs that proceed efficiently for images and PDF data extraction.
The upside is that it is a very easy-to-navigate tool that even supports multi-page Tiff files, fax
documents, and even compressed TIFFs for free.


If you’re seeking an image text extractor for the Windows 10 operating system, then A9T9 is the
perfect utility for you. You just have to install this program on your Windows system from the
Microsoft Store and start extracting text from your desired images. In addition to that, this is
indicated as the simple-to-navigate utility for making text data extraction from multiple image


As the name reveals it is a simple & easy to navigate program that can make text extraction
from images as well as documents. Usually, it is indicated as the basic OCR tool, but packed
with a few other versions for document text extraction. The downside is that it is quite hard to
attain the exact formatted data like in table structure while extracting text.


When it comes to text data processing, Capture2text is the tool that entertains you with certain
functionality. It is an open-source and compact tool that works as a free image text extractor,
even though it is under GNU license. Also, it is loaded with different functions and supports
multiple languages for image-to-text conversions and extraction.

Easy Screen OCR:

Its name indicates that it is an easy source for proceeding with Optical Character Recognition
conversions. Remember that it is an OCR software that is loaded with a cloud-based processing
system. This tool swiftly scans and extracts images and even supports multiple languages for
the text data extraction process.

Additionally, this is not at all the traditional OCR tool, it is packed with multiple advanced
technology for better OCR-based text extraction.


Thankfully, we reached the conclusion phase! All the above-mentioned tools are highly feasible
and simple to use as image text extractors for text extraction. However, OCR sometimes does
not entertain users with an accurate result as users expect.

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